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Scale RC Engines

WW2 R-1830 Twin Wasp (Full Cylinders) (1 Bank)

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The R-1830 Twin Wasp is an American air-cooled radial aircraft engine. It displaces 1,830 cu in (30.0 L) and its bore and stroke are both 5.5 in (140 mm). The design traces its history to 1929 experiments at Pratt & Whitney on twin-row designs. Production began in 1932 and it was widely used during the 1930s.

It was selected as the power plant for both the four-engine Consolidated B-24 Liberator heavy bomber and the twin-engine Douglas DC-3 transport, two of the most-produced aircraft. The production run of 173,618 R-1830 examples makes it the most-produced aviation engine in history.


Commonly Found in Aircraft Such As:

  • Bloch MB.176
  • Boeing XB-15
  • Budd RB Conestoga
  • Burnelli CBY-3
  • CAC Boomerang – Australian "emergency fighter"
  • CAC Woomera
  • Consolidated B-24 Liberator
  • Consolidated PBY Catalina
  • Consolidated PB2Y Coronado
  • Consolidated PB4Y Privateer
  • Curtiss P-36 Hawk
  • DAP Beaufort – Australian-built variants of Bristol Beaufort
  • Douglas C-47 Skytrain
  • Douglas DC-3
  • Douglas DB-7 – early variants only
  • Douglas TBD Devastator
  • FFVS J 22 – "emergency fighter"; built in-house by the Swedish Air Force
  • Grumman F4F Wildcat
  • I.Ae. 24 Calquin
  • Laird-Turner Meteor LTR-14
  • Lioré et Olivier LeO 453
  • Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar
  • Lisunov Li-3 – a Yugoslav version of the Lisunov Li-2
  • Martin Maryland
  • Martin M-130
  • Republic P-43 Lancer
  • Saab 17
  • Saab 18
  • Short Sunderland V
  • Seversky P-35
  • Vickers Wellington IV
  • VL Myrsky – Finnish "emergency fighter"
  • Vultee P-66 Vanguard


-This Dummy Radial is Designed to be Hard Mounted on Your Models Firewall Using 30-min Epoxy. May also be Mounted Using Standoffs or Directly to the Cowling, 

-Constructed with a Metallic Finished Plastic, this Dummy Radial will be Sure to Add that Realistic Look to Any Model Aircraft.

-These Dummy Radials can be Painted or Glued Using Any Standard Hobby Grade Supplies.

-The Center is Hollow to Allow for Most Electric or Gasoline/Nitro Engines.

-Pushrod Holes are Incorporated into the Design to Accept Aluminum Tubing! (Not Included)


Need a Custom Size or Configuration? No Problem!

We will make you any size or configuration you need at no additional cost!




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