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WW2 Nakajima Sakae (Japanese Zero) Radial Engine (Full Cylinder) (1 Bank)

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The engine was designed by Nakajima Aircraft Company with code name NAM, as a scaled-down and advanced version of the previous NAL design (Army Type 97 850 hp radial engine, Nakajima Ha5). The Imperial Japanese Army Air Force called the first of the series the Ha25 (ハ25) and later versions were designated Ha105 and Ha115, in the Hatsudoki designation system and Ha-35 in the unified designation system, while the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service designation was Nakajima NK1, with sub-types identified by Model numbers; thus Nakajima NK1 Sakae 10, 20 and 30 series.

A total of 21,166 were made by Nakajima; 9,067 were manufactured by other firms.

Commonly Found in Aircraft Such As:

  • Kawasaki Ki-45 (prototype)
  • Kawasaki Ki-48
  • Kawasaki Ki-56
  • Mitsubishi A6M
  • Mitsubishi C5M2
  • Nakajima B5N2
  • Nakajima J1N
  • Nakajima Ki-43
  • Nakajima Ki-115
  • Tachikawa Ki-77


-This Dummy Radial is Designed to be Hard Mounted on Your Models Firewall Using 30-min Epoxy. May also be Mounted Using Standoffs or Directly to the Cowling, 

-Constructed with a Metallic Finished Plastic, this Dummy Radial will be Sure to Add that Realistic Look to Any Model Aircraft.

-These Dummy Radials can be Painted or Glued Using Any Standard Hobby Grade Supplies.

-The Center is Hollow to Allow for Most Electric or Gasoline/Nitro Engines.

-Pushrod Holes are Incorporated into the Design to Accept Aluminum Tubing! (Not Included)


Need a Custom Size or Configuration? No Problem!

We will make you any size or configuration you need at no additional cost!




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