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Warbird Pilots Figures 1/6-1/5 Scale (12" Tall Figure)

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This is a highly detailed 12" Tall Pilot. Designed perfectly as an RC Pilot Figure. This pilot will fit perfectly in your 1/5th and 1/6th Scale Warbirds and planes. Each figure has a cotton body with a wire frame, which allows them to be put into any position. Wire frame allows for an adjustable seated height to accommodate any cockpit. Comes with fully removable clothing and equipment. Pilot only weighs 5 ounces.

SERVO OPTION: The optional servo head will be pre-installed and ready to plug in when you receive your pilot. Simply Y harness the lead to one of your control surfaces or purchase the Random Motion Chip to isolate the pilot to its own circuit. The Random Motion chip is capable of running up to 2 pilots at a time (double cockpit) and runs off a standard LIFE receiver pack.

Can be made into a BUST: Because the figure is cotton filled, it can be made into a BUST by taking a simple pair of scissors and cutting it at your desired location. IF YOU ARE ORDERING A SERVO HEAD TAKE CAUTION NOT TO CUT THE WIRE WHEN CREATING A BUST. THE WIRE CAN BE ACCESSED BY REMOVING THE PILOTS OUTFIT.


Disclaimer: Some minor variations may be seen based on the scale of the product you are ordering. Stock photos are meant to represent the outfit and quality of the pilots but items such as the face may be slightly different based on scale.


Cotton and Plastic


12" Tall