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Scale RC Engines

The Best Epoxy for the Job! (8oz)

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This Slow Cure Epoxy is the Best on the Market for Installing our Products!

It Goes on Like a Paste with No Drips or Movement. Great for Inside the Cowl Mounting!

We became a dealer of this product so we could provide our customers with what we use down in our own workshop; Making installing our products easier than ever.

Epo-Grip #30 Paste is an opalescent, light paste epoxy resin adhesive for low temperature industrial bonding applications where high strength and minimum shrinkage are required. This versatile two component formulation is easily mixed and used at room temperature. Initial cure occurs in 3-4 hours at 77 degrees F. This product also does not run or sag when used in vertical and inverted applications.

The #30 Paste is available in 8oz Units


Best Practices For Motors in the Cowl

-With cowling attached, tack motor into place through the front opening using CA and accelerator. 

-Ensure motor is secure enough to remove the cowling with the dummy motor still in place with no movement.

-Mix #30 Paste in a 1:1 ratio until color is a consistent off white. (Fold to mix for best results)

-Once color is consistent, apply a generous layer around the outer edge of the dummy engine on the backside, through the rear opening of the cowl.

-Let dry and reinstall cowl (Full Cure in 24 Hours)