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Scale RC Engines

Spirit of Saint Louis Nose Kit R-790 Whirlwind J-5

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This Product is a Direct Scale Replica of the Front Section on the Spirit of Saint Louis.

Save Time on Your Scratch Builds by Having the Most Difficult Portion of the Spirit of Saint Louis Pre-Made for You!

Featuring a Recessed Lip on the Back with Two Flat Spots this Nose Kit Comes Ready to Mount to Kits and ARFs with the Correct Orientation of the Engine Already Clocked for you.

The Engine Features Holes for Optional Pushrods, (Sold Separately) as well as Recessed Pockets on each Cylinder Bank to Mimic the Real Airframe. This Kit also Includes a Set of Exhaust Pipes, (See Photos) which can be Mounted to the Engine as well.

Modification of your Kit/ARF will be Required to Mount this Product.

Scales are Based on the Engines Scale. For a Custom Size that Lines up with your Kit, Please Email Us and we can Provide that at No Extra Charge.

The J-5 Whirlwind was a cornerstone aviation technology of the 1920s and 1930s. Charles L. Lawrance began work on the J-series of compact, lightweight, air-cooled radials for the U.S. Navy in 1921. The Navy merged Lawrance's firm with Wright Aeronautical in 1923 to further develop and manufacture the new engines. The J-5 had such advanced features as sodium-cooled exhaust valves and aluminum cylinder heads designed by engine pioneer Sam D. Heron.

The Whirlwind became the engine of choice for America's long-distance and exploratory fliers, including Charles Lindbergh, who chose a J-5 for the Spirit of St. Louis. This artifact, a military R-790-A, was the center engine on the Army Air Corps Fokker C-2 tri-motor “Question Mark,” which pioneered aerial refueling by setting an endurance record of 150 hours and 40 minutes over Los Angeles in 1929.



-This Dummy Radial is Designed to be Hard Mounted Using Various Methods Depending on your Build. The Material Bonds well with All Epoxy and CA Glues.

-Constructed with a Metallic Finished Plastic, this Dummy Radial will be Sure to Add that Realistic Look to Any Model Aircraft.

-These Dummy Radials can be Painted or Glued Using Any Standard Hobby Grade Supplies.

-The Center is Hollow to Allow for Most Electric or Gasoline/Nitro Engines.

-When Cutting Away Material for Cylinder Heads be Sure to Use a Dremel with a Cut-off Wheel and Cut with Light Pressure to Avoid Creating Excess Heat.

- Pushrod Holes are Incorporated into the Design to Accept Aluminum Tubing! (Not Included)

Need a Custom Size or Configuration? No Problem!

We will make you any size or configuration you need at no additional cost!




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