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F4U Corsair ARF Seagull Models Upgraded Direct Fit Cockpit Kit (50cc-60cc 87")

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This is a high detailed upgrade for the factory cockpit kit found in the Seagull Models 87" Corsair!

No Painting Needed!

Comes in Full Color!

No Trimming or Cutting Needed!

Drop in Ready Cockpit Kit!

Just Glue and Go!


1) Sort Parts as seen in the photos.

2) Using medium CA, glue the sub-assemblies together as shown.

3) Using Medum CA and Goop/E6000, install the sub-assemblies into the airframe.

4) Thats it! Go Fly!


Tips and Tricks

-Install Glass Gages in from the front but glue on the backside

-Upper shroud should be glued in using goop to take up any gaps

-Goop Should be used to glue in side controllers to adjust as needed for the seat. The cockpit is snug so ensure you leave a wide enough gap for the seat to fit. One Side control has some room in its position to be skewed if needed. 

-Recommended to install canopy at time of installation of our cockpit kit, in order to adjust upper shroud appropriately. (Upper shroud WILL fit if canopy is already installed)




Direct Fit