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Scale RC Engines

Beechcraft D18 E-flite 1.5m Upgraded Direct Fit Dummy Radial Engine

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This set of two R-985 Wasp Junior engines, is a high detailed upgrade for the factory dummy radial engines found in the E-flite 1.5m D18 Beechcraft. Simply Cut Out the Old Radial and Epoxy in your new high detail engine. 

Mounting holes allow you to glue in aluminum tubing for an even more scale look! (Tubing not included) (3.5 ft of 1/16 Diameter Tubing Total)

Grease Weathering done by using Tamiya’s Panel Line Accent Color Black. 

Give your Beechcraft the upgrade you didn't know it needed!

Installation Time: 15-20 min per Side

Needed Supplies: 5-30 Minute Epoxy/Dremel or Cutters and Sandpaper 

Cutting and sanding required of the cowl to remove old radial engine.

Instructions: See Photos 

Important Installation Note: When Removing the Stock Radial Engine, Do NOT Remove the Sleeve which the Front Mounting Screw Slides through.




Direct Fit